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Preparing Students For Career

Career,Education,Internet Marketing A recent survey has exposed an alarming fact about the Indian education system that only less than a fifth of 3 million graduates and post-graduates passing every year are acceptable to the industry sector.

And equally alarming is the fact that about 7 million students each year drop out of education after secondary school i.e. SSC or HSSC. Being not able to bear the competitive environment, improper guidance to choose an appropriate career vis-à-vis ability, lack of awareness about different career options, peer pressure and parents’ overwhelming expectations maybe only a few of the many,

but predominant reasons for this. Need For Career Guide Because the epicenter of career planning has seen a shift in recent years from merely educational competence to “ability”, the students at every stage now need to consult career guides as there are overwhelming options for educational degrees, courses and programs on one side and varied sectors of opportunities on the other.

Students do have access to a lot of latest information on career and education through websites carrying daily educational news, student career articles and career forum for student. However only the information would not help students to choose the suitable career as only the career guides who have study and analysis on different career options and educational avenues and also judgment on the ability of the student may prove to be of help to them.

Need to Think Beyond Academics Academic excellence is just one and only a small but essential part of career planning. However it is generally observed that the parents and the students primarily have been failing to think beyond academics. Considering a certain percentage of marks as degree of success is basically the reason for creating undue stress in the minds of the students.

Beyond academics are – the ability to express, aptitude, self-esteem, communication skills, presentation skills, organizational skills, teamwork, etc., whereas most of the adolescents seem to be in silent war only with academic competency. The purpose of education must be to orient a person towards entrepreneurism in order for him/her to become an asset. And the education must be all-inclusive. Not just to make them informed about the definitions of concepts,

but the very application of the concepts and their utility in the real world is the most important. This we will call capacity building in the students. The main ingredient for this capacity building is of course that the students should be well informed about the surrounding world as a whole but also aware of the importance of personality building. The foundation of the capacity building lies in providing this information at every level when the students need it through student career articles,

the latest educational news, and career forum for students to take the first furtive steps into the career-oriented world and next to the necessary analysis on this information assimilated by the students provided by a competent career guide. For more information on carrier, guide checks out Student Career Articles.

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