IGNOU Assignment Submit on Email how to send 10,000 emails at once for free

IGNOU Assignment Submit on Email. IGNOU UNIVERSITY you have to submit IGNOU Assignment but when you are sending IGNOU Assignment you have to face many problems .

Many errors accures some can be solved but some errors can't be solved because of server error.

The main error is message not delivered in Gmail id of regional center or study center's email id.

this is the error which shows many times you can see n the screenshot.

IGNOU Assignment  message not delivered problem solution

Why this error accures during IGNOU Assignment Submit on Emailof RC or Study center's Email in IGNOU University?


This is a basic error which accures when a email account gets a lot or lakhs of emails in a day,

google's gmail service provides a limited space or bandwidth to email holder when someone gets a bunch of emails it means.

google limits you to get  emails above a limit which is given to this image.an email holder can receive upto 60 emails per minute.

per hour upto 3600 emails and per day 86,400  when you cross this limit the sender will get this error .

basically it means you are sending email when the emails is suffering from traffic So you can't sent emails at this time.

IGNOU Assignment  message not delivered problem solution



How to solve  message not delivered problem In IGNOU Assignment Submission.


If you are facing this error problem in your assignment submission you can do a step which is you can send your assignment in morning before 5 or 6 AM.   Or you can send

can submit after 12PM it will deliver your assignment easily. your assignment will be delivered in this simple step.

Others things to keep in mind.


  • Keep in mind that you are connected with a fast internet connection

  • Make sure that you entered a rigt email

  • Make sure you flight mode is turned off

  • Make sure your Gmail app is permitted to access internet


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