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Hi, I am Pankaj Bishnoi  

Student @NITJ

Creator & Founder  @S-MART

Youtuber, Blogger & Thinker.

About Me:

Hi, I am Pankaj Bishnoi 3rd Year ECE Student @NITJ.

I am From Jodhpur, Rajasthan(India).

“We together will make the Nation  🇮🇳  better”.

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Instagram – Pankaj_029

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Twitter – @Pankaj_029

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E-mail – pankajbishnoi63@gmail.com

Why I started S-MART?
S-MART is the outcome of the problems I faced while purchasing a stationary product from our departmental store(DS).
Then I noticed that I was not alone facing such problem. There were many others who complained that –
1. The facility of stationery mart is not available when it is urgent.
2. The store remains closed on most of the holidays. And shuts down at 7.30pm. Where should I go if I need some item if I have submitted my practical file or assignment early morning on the very next day?
3. I have bundles of pens. Why should I buy a new one just because the shopkeeper doesn’t have change?
4. Many times I don’t have cash. why doesn’t the shopkeeper accept Paytm or any other digital payment option?
5. Most of the books I need are not available on the DS.
6. And most importantly, why isn’t there any option of home delivery? sometimes I am not able to go to the DS!

Such problems motivated me to come up with an e-commerce website that provides everything you need for your study at your doorstep!
And this was howS-MART was born!!
Now you can be SMART, live SMART & buy S-MART!!!

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